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About Kanamak Hydraulics

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A little about us...

Kanamak Consulting/Kanamak Hydraulics began doing business in March of 1983. Prior to its inception, its owner Ken Madgwick P.E, worked as a lead engineer at Beech aircraft from 1977 through 1979. From there he came to Garden City and worked as the chief engineer at Bocats until he started his own business in March of 1983.

Starting a business is a little like turning over a number of stones and hoping you’ll find something under one of them.

Kanamak Hydraulics Inc was started as an Engineering Consulting firm but Ken knew there was a need in the area for Hydraulic Service Work, and decided to offer that service until the Consulting took off.

"Starting a business is a little like turning over a number of stones..."

More than 30 years later, we still do some Engineering Consulting, but the Hydraulics business has by far eclipsed it.

The manufacturing side of the business got off to a slow start in 1985, but currently is the fastest growing segment. Machine shop capabilities were added in 1987 and in 2006 several CNC machine tools were added. Today Kanamak Hydraulics Inc is respected as a leading manufacturer of Oil-Field equipment, a Service Center for hydraulic repair, and a Distribution Center of all kinds of Hydraulic components.


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