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Pipe Tong Hydraulic Power Unit

  • Performance.
    We understand that you may need to be in the field 24/7 and can not tolerate down time. Our rugged design ensures dependable performance on the job.
  • User friendly.
    You have easy access to the engine and other major components. Reels swing up out of the way if you need to lift engine out. Most parts are standard off-the-shelf items.
  • Engineering Excellence.
    Much pride and careful thought go into our designs. State-of-the-art computer modeling, combined with years of practical oil field experience, has resulted in a durable unit that  is easy to operate. We listen to you, our customers.
  • Readily accessible controls.
    Engine and hydraulic controls are conveniently located at waist level, so the operator does not need to climb up on the truck.
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  • Our engine of choice is the Deutz F6L914. This is a durable engine that if slowed down provides excellent fuel economy. We operate at 1700-1800 rpm which gives slightly better fuel economy than a turbo-charged 4 cylinder engine at the same load. In addition, we have considerable more hp reserve with the six cylinder engine.
  • Aesthetically pleasing, professionally designed unit. Laser cut sheet metal adds to precision and good looks. “Oil-Field Tough” steel tubing frame is simple and rugged.
  • Single central lifting point.
  • Electrical interlocks so Deutz engine and PTO cannot both run at the same time. (Option A)
  • Larger reel drum to meet minimum bend radius on hoses for longer life. (Option B)
  • Reel motors are located inside the drum for more compact profile. (Option B)
  • Hydraulic throttle control with electrical over-ride for Deutz engine.
  • 100 ft remote control cord with manually cranked reel, controls Deutz engine speed for  standard operation. When Option A is purchased it also controls truck engine speed.
  • PTO is programmed to disengage if truck is driven with PTO in gear. (Optional Hot-shift PTO)
  • PTO has direct mount pump with large 1 1/4” splined shaft for long service life. (Option A)
  • Dual Absolute rated 6 micron hydraulic filters.
  • Pipe threads have been eliminated where possible for leak-free operation.
  • Hydraulic oil tank holds 150 gallons (usable) oil for adequate cooling. Usually an oil cooler is not required.
  • Separate 75 gallon diesel tank. (Manufacturers prohibit body builders from tapping into truck fuel tanks.) Plus this makes for a modular, self-contained unit you can mount on a trailer.
  • Durable cast-iron gear pumps.
  • Safety gates protect engine side of unit. Gates swing out to open. Gates also lift out if swing room is not available.             
  • Size: 96 Inches across bed and 60 inches deep x 60 inches high. Takes up only 60 inches of valuable bed-space.
  • Hydraulic flow: 74 GPM (high flow)    42 GPM (low flow)
  • Hydraulic pressure: 1100 PSI—high/low shift,  2300  PSI max
  • Weight: 6,000 pounds with oil
  • Current EPA/carb compliance


More Information
Manufacturer Fluidpro
Horse Power 114
GPM 74
Wet Weight (lb) 6000
Pump Double Stage
Drive Type Diesel
Pressure Rating 2500 PSI