Bulk Wet Kits
Suitable for most belt, chain, tender, tanker, implement, and shuffle floor applications

End Dump Trailer Wet Kits
Suitable for most end dump applications, available in two and three line setups

Combo Trailer Wet Kits
A combination wet kit for operating multiple trailer types. A 50 gallon reservoir and a high/low pressure relief make this kit suitable for most belt, chain, shuffle floor, tanker, and implement applications

Tanker Wet Kits
Suitable for tanker applications with a drive line between truck and trailer


Custom wet kits for many applications are available, whether it’s for a live-bottom trailer, dump bed, tanker or a combination of these, Kanamak can make it possible. Please use our Contact Us form to reach our sales department or phone us at (620) 275-6055 to obtain a quote. If using the Contact Us form, please ensure that you have a valid email address and phone number to ensure a prompt reply.