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BG4XX Priority Divider

  • Non-Adjustable Priority Divider 
  • Priority Flow is Preset at Factory per Customer Request.
  • Pressure Compensated for Both Outlet Ports.
  • Rated for 3000 PSI.
  • Base Flow rate is 2 GPM
  • Priority Flow can be Changed Here at Kanamak Hyd. Inc. for a $25.00 Charge.
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The Brand, BG4 non-adjustable priority flow divider receives a single stream of fluid and divides it into a priority stream and an excess stream. The priority flow port maintains the same flow even with an increase or decrease in the input flow. Both outlet flows are pressure compensating and the sum of said flows equals the inlet flow. Flow can only pass through the valve in one direction, inlet to outlet. Accuracy is normally better than + or - 5%. The priority flow setting must be specified when ordering. Pressure drop through the valve will range from 33 to 50 psi (2.3 to 3.4 bar) depending on the flow and pressure in the system
More Information
Manufacturer Brand
GPM 30-45
Construction Monoblock
Inlet/Outlet Port Size 1" (-16)
Work Port Size 1" (-16)
Ports Thread Type SAE (O-ring Boss)
Pressure Rating 3000 PSI
Recommended Filtration 10 Micron (nominal)
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