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B100-AB-750 Flow Divider

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- Non adjustable - Rated for 3000 psi - Pressure compensated for both outlet ports - DIVIDES INLET FLOW INTO TWO EQUAL FLOWS - Other ratios are available, call for details – Auto. adj. bypass and free rev. flow
B100 – is very similar to the B50 in that it is a non-adjustable proportional divider, but in addition to the B50 it also offers free reverse flow for both outlet ports. Flow can travel in reverse through both outlet ports and is not metered when it goes in reverse. The non-metered flow travels past the poppet, down the center of the valve, past the orificed spool and through the inlet. The two outlet flows are pressure compensating and the sum of said flows equals the inlet flow. The ratio of the outlet flows must be specified when ordering
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SKU BRDB100-AB-750
Pressure Rating 3000 PSI
Manufacturer Brand
GPM 16-30
Construction Monoblock
Inlet/Outlet Port Size 3/4" (-12)
Ports Thread Type NPT (National Pipe Thread)
Recommended Filtration 10 Micron (nominal)
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