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DMDAXRN212 from Sun Hydraulics is a solenoid-operated, 3 way, 2 position directional spool valve rated at 5000 psi with a capacity of 12 gallons per minute.
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From Sun Hydraulics:

This solenoid-operated 3-way, 2-position cartridge is a direct-acting, balanced spool directional valve.

  • The solenoid tube assembly is fatigue rated for 5000 psi (350 bar) service.
  • Spools B and R are closed in the transition between their two positions. This results in a higher performance limit at the expense of lower capacity. When used as pilot controls, where capacity is not a factor, the closed transition will provide faster and more consistent response times.
  • This valve is direct actuated and requires no minimum hydraulic pressure for operation.
  • On models equipped with the D or L control, the detent mechanism in the manual override is meant for temporary actuation. The D, L and T manual control assembly has a mechanical life expectancy of approximately 7,000 cycles.
  • Cartridges configured with EPDM seals are for use in systems with phosphate ester fluids. Exposure to petroleum based fluids, greases and lubricants will damage the seals.
  • This valve utilizes a wet armature design. This means that the working fluid surrounds the armature and is exposed to the heat generated by the coil. This can be a factor if the coil is energized for long periods of time. Some fluids, notably water/glycol mixtures, break down at these temperatures over time and form varnishes that will affect the function of the cartridge.
  • Coils are interchangeable with other Sun Series 1 solenoid products and can be mounted on the tube in either direction.
  • Incorporates the Sun floating style construction to minimize the possibility of internal parts binding due to excessive installation torque and/or cavity/cartridge machining variations.
More Information
Manufacturer Sun
GPM 0-16
Center Open
Construction Monoblock
Pressure Rating 5000 PSI
Recommended Filtration 10 Micron (nominal)
Solenoid 12 Volt