Drilling Rigs

Kanamak Hydraulics Inc has become a leader for Drilling Rig support services. Kanamak’s experience is unequalled in the design, manufacture, and support of hydraulic systems, especially for Drillmec and Wlker-Neer (Apache) systems.

Kanamak Hydraulics has been involved in the oil field for a number of years and specializes in hydraulic top-drives, pipe handling systems, and hydrostatic drive systems. Kanamak has designed and installed systems that are uniue to the US market. Currently Kanamak has hydraulic top-drive systems in operation that deliver 350hp to the swivel.


The Service Department rebuilds anything hydraulic, including hydrostats, motors, valves, cylinders, winches, etc.


The Parts Department stocks many parts used on oil rigs: filters, valves, hoses and fittings, quick couplers, seals, etc.


The Manufacturing Department is staffed by experienced engineers using cutting edge technology.


Kanamak’s modern, well-equipped shop enables projects to be built in record time.


Kanamak Hydraulics has experience and expertise unlike anyone else in the continental United States on Drillmec rigs, including designing, building, and installing custom pipe handling systems.

Walker-Neer (Apache)

Kanamak has done extensive refurbishments of Walker-Neer rigs, including retrofitting Drillmec and King swivels.

Drilling Rigs